On apps there are a lot of profile options that are useful in making apps passwords difficult to guess, the profiles are

1-Signon password failure limit
2-Signon Password Length
3-Signon Password No Reuse
4-Signon Password Hard to Guess

For the first one it means how many time can I try to access the system using wrong password. It is recommended to change this value to 3. The default value is null.

The second one to allow minimum password length. The default value is 5, it is recommended to make it 6 or 7.

The 3rd profile is for not allowing using same password again for specified number of days.

The default value for 4th profile option is No. Following are the password rules if the value is set to Yes
1) The password contains at least one letter and at least one number.
2) The password does not contain the username.
3) The password does not contain consecutively repeating characters.

Reference: Metalink Note 362663.1

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