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Bank model in Cash Management – R12

In R12, banks are moved into Trading Community Architecture(TCA). Now Cash Management owns the internal bank setup definition.

Benefits of new Bank Account model:
  • There is a central place to define internal bank accounts. So with centralized user interface, users can reduce the number of access points to manage bank accounts
  • With the help of Multi-Org Access Control, we can explicitly grant account access to multiple operating units/functions and users, which improves the visibility and control of bank accounts
  • A single Legal Entity is granted ownership of each internal bank account and One or more Organizations are granted usage rights. So, a single bank statement can be reconciled across multiple Operating Units, which helps to simplify reconciliation process.
  • Reconciliation options can now be defined at the bank account level, which provides more flexibility and control to the reconciliation process.
Bank structure in 11i:

Bank structure in R12:
In R12, Banks are part of TCA and the same bank accounts can be used in Payables, Receivables, Payroll and Treasury.

Impact of Upgrade:
All the internal bank accounts of 11.5.10, will be migrated into Centralized Bank model automatically during the upgrade.

Tables to store the bank information in R12:

The new tables that store bank information are now under Cash Management as follows:

                 Contains Legal Entity Level bank account information. Each bank
                                                              account must be affiliated with one bank branch.

CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL           Stores Operating Unit level bank account use information.

         Stores payment Documents to be used for Printed type Payments

           View: Bank/Branches Info

       View: Internal Bank Account Uses Info

The following tables were obsoleted in R12, in which Bank Data was stored in R11i:


In R12, Internal bank accounts can be created in Cash Management (Setup -> Banks). Where can we define Supplier (or External) bank accounts?

Supplier (or External) bank accounts can be created in Payables, by using Supplier Entry forms.  In the Payables Manager responsibility:

1. Navigate to Suppliers -> Entry.
2. Query or create your supplier.
3. Click on Banking Details and then choose Create.

After creating the bank account, we can assign the bank account to the supplier site.

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