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Creating Custom Deletion Constraints

Use custom deletion constraints to enforce specific business rules. Custom deletion constraints prevent the deletion of bills or routings if your data meets the conditions set forth in the constraint.

To create a custom deletion constraint:

1.   Navigate to the Deletion Constraints window:
            Inventory->Setup->Items->Delete Constraints
2. Enter a name for the deletion constraint.
3. Indicate whether the constraint is enabled. An enabled deletion constraint means that it is in effect when the delete concurrent program runs.
4. Select what kind of delete entity the constraint applies to: item, bill, routing, component, or operation.
5. Enter the SQL Select Statement that the delete concurrent program is to execute. You cannot update SQL statements for predefined deletion constraints.
6. Indicate whether to delete if there are rows found or no rows found by the SQL Select Statement
7. Enter a failure message from Oracle Application Object Library’s message dictionary to display if the delete fails.

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