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Lot-Specific Unit of Measure Conversions

Lot specific conversions enable you to perform a specific inter-class conversion for a given lot. This enables you to establish more granular control over the transactional quantities of a lot. For example, the standard inter-class conversion for a lot controlled item is one gallon equals 15 pounds; however, when you receive a particular lot of the item, 1 gallon equals 16 pounds. You can create a lot specific unit of measure for this instance.
You can create lot-specific unit of measure conversions for on-hand lots or lots with a zero balance. If you create a lot-specific conversion for a lot with on-hand quantities, you can automatically update the quantities in the system to more accurately reflect the on-hand quantity.
You can also view the history of changes made to the lot unit of measure conversion, and the corresponding quantity changes.

1. Enter the item number in the Item field.
2. Enter the lot number in the Lot Number field.
3. Select the destination base unit of measure of the class to which you are converting the unit of measure.
4. Enter the conversion factor by which the source base unit is equivalent to the destination base unit.
For example, if 16 pounds (source base unit) is equivalent to 1 Gallon (destination base unit), the conversion factor is 16.
5. Optionally, enter an inactive date for the conversion. This is the date when the unit of measure conversion for the lot reverts back to the standard inter-class conversion.
6. Optionally, enter a transaction reason for the conversion.

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