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Manual Pricing – OM Sales Order line List price Override

Price list and Modifier to be restricted against the OU level
QP: Security Control                                                      —         OFF to ON

Impacting Profile Options


1.Discounting Privilege
It should be set to full or unlimited.
   The button Add Adjustment is displayed based on the combination of the profile “OM: Discounting Privileges” and the “enforce List price” flag for the Order Type. If the order type is not entered then we do not consider the “Enforce List Price” flag and assume it to be false. We look at the profile OM: Discounting Privilege to see if the user has the privilege to apply the manual adjustments. Also if this privilege is FULL, then if the Order Type has Enforce List Price, a manual adjustment cannot be applied. If the privilege is None the user can never apply a manual adjustment. If the profile is

Ref: Master Note: Common Reasons for Error APP-ONT-250274 – No Manual Discount Available, Online Discounting Is Not Allowed; Order Type Enforce List Price [ID 1105868.1]

OM: List Price Override Privilege                         —         Unlimited Access
SO Price Override
ASO : Discounting Privilege                                —         None to Full       (Site)
OE: Discounting Privilege                                   —         Null to Unlimited            (User)
OM: Discounting Privileges                                 —         Null to Unlimited            (User)
QP: Blind Discount Option                                  —         No to Yes          (Site)
OM: Preinsert Manual Adjustments                     —         No to Yes          (Site)
1. Create Modifier (Discount) and Uncheck Automatic flag to both header and line,
2. Line level Enable Override check box then Header qualifier to add the price list  à Save
Now try to create the sales Order à go the lines enter the Item & Qty save or Book SO after change unit selling price now allow the manual override.

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