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Oracle Consigned Inventory setups

Setups to be done:

     1. Create Purchase Item and Org level check in
         a) Purchasing tab : Enable Use Approved Supplier and List Price
         b) General planning tab : Enable Consigned
         c) Costing tab: Enable Costing and Inventory asset value
         d) Assigned to Specific org.
  1. Supplier is defined as well as Supplier Site
    a) Ship to and Bill to : Purchasing
    c) Pay on: use
    d) Invoice summary level : Consumption advice
  2. Inventory set up :
    a) INV: Setup Transaction → Consigned /VMI Consumption. 
    1) Consigned tab is checked.
    2) Transaction type: Subinventory Transfer
    3) From Subinventory : Expense Subinventory
    4) To Subinventory : Asset Subinventory
    5) Owning party and other details has been specified.
  3. Create and Approved BPA
    a) Create Blanket agreement ans the BPA has been Approved
    b) Agreement number has been attached to ASL attribute
    c) Consigned from supplier has been selected.
    d) Zero days as billing cycle.
  4. Receipts has been performed in expense Subinventory
    – Receipt routing : Direct delivery
    – No accounting impact has been taken place.
  5. Receive it at the expense SI mentioned
    – The location field is not mandatory (normally for a direct receipt) as it a consigned material.
  6. Consigned transaction has been performed
    – Transfer to regular.
    – Subinventory selected has expense Subinventory
    – Owning party has been defaulted
    – Qty has been specified
  7. I can see that line has been split in on-hand qty and also the accounting impact is correct.
    – The line would have got split into two indicating both our material and the party’s material.
  8. Create consumption advice request has been processed.
  9. Now the problem is when I perform consigned transaction the item should be transferred from expense sub inventory to Asset Subinventory(FG in my case) automatically but i can’t see this happening
    (goods are not transfer to asset sub inventory has I set in my consignment setup) and also I need to ship the goods from here.
  10. Profile : INV: Allow Expense to Asset Transfer = Yes.
  11. Run the concurrent Pay on Receipt Auto Invoice
    – again add it your request group
    – with a transaction source of “ERS_AND_USE” for our inventory receipt number. – This will take the data from the “Consumption Advice” and populate the interface tables of Oracle payable Responsibility.
    – Pay on receipt will also automatically spawn the child concurrent “Payables Open Interface Import” for pulling the data from the interface table to the Base table of Oracle payable Responsibility.
  12. Switch resp to Payable and enquire the creation of unvalidated, distributed Invoice
    – [Nav: Invoices=> Inquiry=> Invoices] for our supplier. Check the balance owed to him also [a button in the bottom of the inquiry form].
  13. Validate the Invoice and create accounting
    – Creation of liability owed to the supplier.
    – Check for funds available in the bank and make a full payment from our internal bank in our payment document and make final accounting.
    – This will facilitate passing of the accounting entries to Cash Management for re-conciliation and manual adjustments,
    – If necessary before posting to General Ledger.
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