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Different Sources that can load data into Open invoice import interface tables
  1. Quick Invoices window
  2. Oracle e-Commerce Gateway
  3. Credit Card transaction data
  4. Property Manager
  5. The Oracle Assets Export Lease Payments to Payables process
  6. Oracle XML Gateway
  7. SQL*Loader OR BPEL Interfaces can load invoice information from Legacy Systems
  8.  Invoices that your suppliers entered and submitted online via Oracle iSupplier Portal
Interface Tables:
Base Tables:
                Payment Tables
Basic Process:
                The Payables Open Interface program validates each record you select for import, and if the record contains valid data, then the program creates a Payables invoice with distributions and scheduled payments based on the invoice header and line information in the record.

Records in the AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE table create one or more invoice distributions. Note that one row may create more than one distribution. For example, if you enter a Tax line in this table and prorate it across three Item lines, during Open Interface Import the system will create three Tax invoice distributions based on the single Tax line in this table.

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