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System Administrator – Configuration

A system administrator is involved in setting up an Oracle Applications installation, controlling access, and ensuring smooth ongoing operation. The tasks involved in these functions are described in the Oracle Applications System Administrator’s Documentation Set, in these three volumes.

  1. Configuration
  2. Security
  3. Maintenance

This Oracle Applications System Administrator’s Guide – Configuration volume describes the tasks involved in setting up and configuring Oracle Applications. These tasks may be done once upon installation, or may also be done as needed, such as setting up a printer or customizing online help files.
Oracle Applications Tablespace Model and the Tablespace Migration Utility
The new Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) has fewer, consolidated tablespaces (twelve, including three system tablespaces: temporary, system and undo segments). Locally managed tablespaces are also supported.
The Tablespace Migration Utility is a menu-based Perl program that enables you to estimate future space requirements for the tablespaces and to migrate the Applications  database to OATM.

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