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Order Management (JSW) Basic Setup steps

Step 1 Flexfields. (Required)
Step 2 Multiple Organizations. MOAC (Required)
Step 3 Inventory Organizations. (Required)
Step 4 Profile Options. (Required)
Step 5 Shipping Parameters. (Required)
Step 6 Invoicing. (Required)
Step 7 Salespersons. (Required)
Step 8 Tax, Tax Categories. (Required)
Step 9 QuickCodes. (Required)
Step 10 Workflow. (Required)
Step 11 Document Sequences (Order Numbering) (Required)
Step 12 Order Import Sources. (Required)
Step 13 Units of Measure. (Required)
Step 14 Item Information. (Required)
Step 15 Define Items & Assign to Organization. (Required)
Step 16 Configurations. (Required)
Step 17 Pricing. (Required) 
Step 18 Customer Classes. (Required)
Step 19 Customers (Required)
Step 20 Item Cross References (Optional)
Step 21 Sourcing (Optional)
Step 22 Order Management Transaction Types (Order and Line Types) (Required)
Step 23 Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) (Required)
Step 24 Processing Constraints (Required)
Step 25 Defaulting Rules (Required)
Step 26 Credit Checking (Optional)
Step 27 Holds (Optional)
Step 28 Attachments (Optional)
Step 29 Freight Charges and Carriers (Required)
Step 30 Shipping (Required)
Step 31 Start Workflow Background Process (Optional)
Setp 32 Request set OM – AR Porting
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