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Defining Units of Measure

Units of measure are used by a variety of functions and transactions to express the quantity of items.

  • Defining units of measure is the second step in unit of measure management.
  • The values defined in the Units of Measure window provide the list of values available in unit of measure fields in other windows.
  • Units of measure are not organization-specific.

Primary Unit of Measure
Theprimary unit of measure is the stocking unit of measure for an item in a particular organization. The primary unit of measure is an item attribute that you specify when defining each item.
You must define at least one unit of measure class.
Enter UOM from UOM Class FORM

After defining the UOM class click on Uint of measure button to enter a new UOM.
Enter the UOM namd and short name. Save the form

Define a UOM in UOM form
Navigate to the Units of Measure window.

1. Enter a unique name for the unit of measure.
2. Enter a unique abbreviation for the unit of measure with a maximum length of three characters.
For example, EA for each or HRS for hours.
3. Enter a unit of measure class.
4. Indicate if this is the base unit of measure for the unit of measure class.

To delete a unit of measure:
1. You can delete existing units of measure that are not base units of measure if no standard or item specific conversions are defined.
To make a unit of measure inactive:
1. Enter the date on which the unit of measure becomes inactive. As of this date, you can no longer assign standard or item-specific conversions to the unit of measure.
To change Base UOM:
Its not possible to change the base UOM from one UOM to another UOM

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