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Item Category Flexfield Structures

You can define multiple segment structures for the Item Categories Flexfield. Each segment structure may have its own display prompts and fields.
When you install or upgrade Oracle Inventory or Oracle Purchasing, Oracle provides two category flexfield structures by default: Item Categories and PO Item Category.
Each segment structure can display prompts and fields that apply specifically to a particular naming convention. For example, you might want one of your category sets to use two segments for the names of categories. Another item grouping scheme might use just one segment for the names of categories. You choose a flexfield structure for every category set and category that you define.

1. Lets create an item category as Procut Information with three segment:  Product Line – Product Name – Brand Name
Product Line – Electronics, Machine, FMG
Product Name – Mobile, TV, Bus Engine, Soap, Biscuit
Brand Name – LG, Samsung, Cummins, Britania
2. Define all the value sets as shown below.

3. Define the item category flex field.

4. Filling up the value set of the stucture product information

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